The Jade Learning House Program

Reggio Inspired Learning

The Reggio-Emilia way

To attain our goal of providing students with the best learning opportunities possible, we have chosen a Reggio-Emilia inspired philosophy to guide our teaching principles. Reggio-Emilia is an experiential method of learning, where teachers create learning opportunities that reflect curriculum learning goals. It is an approach that is highly developmentally appropriate to young learners, and puts a priority on the happiness of the children first.  In Reggio-Emilia philosophy it is believed that without happiness, there is no learning.

Central to the Reggio-Emilia philosophy is a focus on creating a caring environment with the freedom to explore and experiment. Children are believed to be ready to accept responsibility, and encouraged to make their own decisions.

Peer interactions play a central role in both a child’s emotional development as well as their social development.  Group work is encouraged and ideas are given room to breath and evolve. Children learn to value and respect each other as they learn, play and explore together.